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  • 7/31/03 Welcome recruit DEATHr_Rogue, other news...
    Give Rogue a big welcome, and any tips you can offer!
    Sad news, DEATHr_Heraclius is leaving back to Greece, he has a death in
    the family and other turmoils in life, I wish him luck in his journeys. Good
    bye Hera.
  • 7/24/03 New things!
    Welcome our brand new recruit Heraclius! Welcome him warmly and give him any
    hints he would find useful!
    Our new website design is up! It's in progress and is looking good, you can
    thank Sword and me.
  • 7/14/03 Welcome our new recruit...
    Give a warm welcome to DEATHr_Vader, the "r" is a new recruiting
    system implemented for DEATHby, it will be a short while before
    he is a full DEATHby and I know he has great potential.
  • 6/27/03 New 2v2 Tourney is up...
    Check out the the tournament section of the site
    TRY TO BE ON AT 23:00 or 24:00 EASTERN U.S. TO PLAY
  • 6/13/03 Welcome DEATHby_Sacrifice
    He'll show you the real meaning of martyrdom.
  • 6/10/03 TOURNAMENT!
    I have created a tournament for us, this should be
    a fun event, check it out by clicking the link in the
    navigation bar to see who you're matched up against.
  • 6/04/03 Welcome two new members!
    Welcome DEATHby_Apple *claps*
    Welcome DEATHby_Flashover *whistles*
    Welcome guys, happy to have you.
  • 5/30/03 Overhaul..............................
    Put a forums up, cleaned the site up, enjoy, it's easy
    on the eyes baby.
  • 5/18/03 A little more sorted out
    I understand the DEATHby_Steel is having problems with his
    game so I will give him all the time he needs to get his
    problems fixed.
  • 5/17/03 I will be removing an inactive member soon,
    added new screenshots

    Hint, hint, if you are the one (I know this person personally)
    that hasn't played in 5 months I will be removing you.
    Sorry Dan, I hate to do this but you are not a regular player...
    Once a year maybe? :-)
    Added new screenshots.
  • 5/9/03 Added new version of Strategy in the Download section
    Check it out, new armies, even more bad-ass.
  • 4/27/03 Welcome DEATHby_TheSword to the clan
    Welcome DEATHby_TheSword to the clan give him a heads up when
    you see him, he is a fine addition to our team and is adept
    in his strategy.
  • 4/26/03 We have a new member DEATHby_Steel and we may have
    another member soon.

    Everyone welcome DEATHby_Steel to the team, you can still give
    him a welcome if you see his name in the foyer and introduce
    him to other members.
  • 4/18/03 Added tons of new screens, other stuff...
    Added lots o' screens, posted one of the infamous trash
    talking 11 year old EX__Tony, I'm going away Sunday, dunno
    when I'm going to be back. Cya.
  • 4/15/03 Added Screenshot section, and thank Lrossa
    for awesome game...

    Added the Screens section and I would like to
    thank Lrossa Clan for inviting me to play...
    I represented us well :-)
  • 4/9/03 Welcome DEATHby_Samurai, other updates...
    Welcome DEATHby_Samurai to the team... We have had some fun
    games with him already, added new downloads and made member
    names look cooler, again.
  • 4/7/03 Changes...
    Changed the news layout, added strategy, plus strategy
    downloads, and added news archives.
  • 4/6/03 Still undefeated online...
    We must have played 20-25 games and we haven't lost yet...
    Congrats guys...
  • 3/30/03 Changed the join section, added a strategy section
    Hopefully that looks better.
  • 3/26/03 Welcome DEATHby_Hurricane to the clan
    Added DEATHby_Hurricane to members page and can't wait to
    play first games with him as a DEATHby member.
  • 3/25/03 Changed layout of the site
    You like it?
  • 3/24/03 Added cool looking names for members
    Check it out.
  • 3/23/03 Looking for members
    Added a join page and we are currently looking for skilled
    players to join the DEATHby Clan.
  • 3/22/03 Beginning of DEATHby Clan
    Founders: DEATHby_Surprise, DEATHby_Disaster.